Common Ground: Seminary Students' Beliefs on Same-Sex Relationships Published in Sociology of Religion

 October 19, 2023

Kudos to the Religion & Social Change Lab (RaSCL) team – Erin Johnston, Anna Holleman, and Laura Krull – for their latest publication in Sociology of Religion!

The research dives deep into the perspectives of 1st-year seminary students on same-sex relationships, marriage, and ordination, based on 102 interviews.

Key findings:

1. Students, regardless of their personal stances, often look to the same three authorities: Biblical, Godly, and real-life experiences within the LGBTQ+ community.

2. About a third of students expressed uncertainties, ambivalence, or even contradictions in describing their views.

3. These uncertainties typically arise from the delicate balance of reconciling different authorities, with certainty often tied to privileging (or emphasizing) one authority over others.

For more insights, check out the full article here and the quick take summary here.