Resources for Clergy

Our research examines the causes of burnout, the pressures you encounter, and the toll it can take on your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We're here to provide you with practical strategies and evidence-based solutions that actually work. From stress management techniques and self-care practices to cultivating healthy boundaries and fostering a supportive community, we cover it all.

Stress Management Practices from the Selah Study

This Stress Management study (Selah) identified three stress reduction practices that allow pastors to fully live into the work that God is calling them to do with creativity, insight, and energy – even during the most stressful times.

Supporting Congregants Through a Robust Referral System

Proactively reduce clergy stress by creating a set of referral sources to share with congregants in their time of need. This self-guided training includes videos, worksheets, and guides designed in collaboration with Partners in Health and Wholeness.

Resources for Congregations

Our research provides resources to churches to facilitate addressing tough topics is essential for healthy pastors and congregations.