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Alumni Day Workshop: Exegeting Our Own Lives (Like A Researcher)

Looking to reconnect with your theological education, alongside old Duke Divinity classmates, staff, and faculty?

Join us on Friday, September 22 for Alumni Day where the Religion and Social Change Lab will be leading a workshop on research as sacred storytelling. Time and location TBD. See workshop description below:

Exegeting Our Own Lives (like a Researcher)

At its best, research is a kind of sacred storytelling. Data invites deep listening. Analysis invites deep reflection. How do we faithfully exegete the lives of others, as well as our own, as if they were holy texts? In this workshop, you'll meet two researchers (and DDS alumni!) from the Religion and Social Change LabDavid Eagle, Principal Investigator, and Fatimah Salleh, Educational Specialist—who will share new data on ministering amidst racial disparities and invite you to consider your own stories of longing and belonging with equal reverence.

Other breakout sessions include:

  • Equipping Churches and Communities for Thriving with the Ormond Center
  • Divinity+. What is it and how can it be a part of my professional development?


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