Positive Mental Health is a cornerstone of overall well-being, impacting every aspect of our lives such as improved physical health, greater emotional well-being, increased creativity and productivity, enhanced social connections, and higher quality of life. Flourishing is when we have high levels of positive mental health. Flourishing means that we connect to a sense of purpose, experience positive emotions like joy, contentment, and gratitude, build warm and trusting relationships, and feel a sense of accomplishment even when we experience challenges in our lives.

Through systematic study, we identified four behaviors that flourishing clergy do which clergy with burnout and low mental health do not do. The resource below shares these four actionable behaviors with you. May they improve your own well-being and enhance your connection to ministry!

The Four Behaviors of Flourishing Clergy

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How can clergy achieve positive mental health? A study of United Methodist clergy in North Carolina has found that certain conditions correspond to both a lower likelihood of depression and anxiety and higher levels of positive mental health. By promoting these, churches can help their clergy thrive.

Positive mental health: how can clergy tap into it?

Study Finds Unique Positive Mental Health Factors for Clergy. In a study, research professor of global health Rae Jean Proeschold-Bell and her colleagues discovered that factors that decrease the likelihood of mental health problems such as depression and anxiety are not necessarily the same as those that promote positive mental health (PMH).

Quick Take Video: The Benefits of Positive Emotions and How to Create Them. With all the stresses of living through a pandemic, many people have found it a struggle at times in the past few years to keep from being overwhelmed by negative emotions. But Rae Jean Proeschold-Bell, a research professor at the Duke Global Health Institute, says as maintaining a positive mindset is usually possible, even in our current circumstances. In the video, Proeschold-Bell explains three ways to create positive emotions to help with feeling overwhelmed, provide balance, and achieve a better sense of self.