Whether you're currently navigating theological studies as a seminary student or are an experienced clergy member in search of renewed inspiration, our research-backed suggestions aim to bolster you through your distinct challenges. Our objective is to provide you with context and understanding, enabling you to make well-informed choices that resonate positively and durably across your profession, vocation, and the community you serve.


Key Findings from Our Disaffiliation Report (Summary)

Based on NC-UMC clergy’s assessments of their own congregations, 59% of churches remaining after disaffiliation were purple, 25% were red, and 18% were blue. Read up on other key findings from our 2024 report in this summary.

Top Ten Recommendations for New Duke Divinity Students (Summary)

Learn from experienced Duke Divinity School alumni in this downloadable resource. Gain insights on building meaningful relationships with professors, the importance of readings and discussions, and broadening your perspectives through diverse courses.

The Resilience of Clergywomen (Summary)

Clergywomen experience more on-the-job stress than clergymen. But as their stress increases, they're less likely to show depressive symptoms than men, suggesting that women may be particularly well-suited to cope with the challenges of the profession.

Social Influences on the Call to Ministry (Summary)

47% of seminary students say someone else suggested ministry before they considered it for themselves. Learn about the six types of people who showed up most often in call stories, as well as how men and women narrated the influence of others differently.

Pastoring in a Pandemic (Presentation)

This recorded presentation examines research findings on how United Methodist clergy coped with the challenges of the early COVID-19 pandemic and the types of social support they relied on in their pastoral roles.

Are Women Elders Paid Less Than Men? (Report)

Using data from the Statewide Clergy Health Survey, this report explores systematic salary differences between men and women elders in the North Carolina and Western North Carolina Annual Conferences of the United Methodist Church.

Field Education: Student Experiences & Reflections (Report)

This report, based on 2020 and 2021 survey/interview data from 186 students in field education, uncovers the vital role of field education in discerning students' calling and the impact of relationships and direct ministry on shaping these experiences.