Frequently Asked Questions

 The program is now online here. 

Pastor & Parish is designed for staff-parish relations committees, but our hope is that it will foster conversations that enhance the overall work of the church. Therefore, we encourage other key leaders within the congregation, such as the chairs of Church Council or Nominations, to join the group in completing the program. We encourage pastors to participate alongside their committees.

Each participating committee should select a committee member or another member of the congregation to lead your group through the program. The facilitator guide provides all the information needed to guide the group, and a preview is available online. We strongly discourage pastors from serving as facilitators, as one goal of the program is to build leadership capacity within the church.

Committees should agree in advance to set aside the time needed to complete the study: generally 75-90 minutes over six gatherings, plus an introductory session and time to refine a covenant after the program concludes. To participate, each participating committee should print enough participant workbooks for each person in the group OR provide a URL link for participants to read the material online. Beyond the program materials, the group will need access to a gathering space and the ability to watch the videos. The facilitator guide explains these requirements in detail.

Please plan to gather at a separate time, ideally weekly. Pastor & Parish is meant to be a formational activity, filled with prayerful reflection about your committee’s service to the church. The Sunday School hour may be the ideal “set-aside” time for this study to take place, emphasizing the formational aspect of this ministry, as well as the practical training. We hope that you will apply these learnings when you gather for regular SPRC meetings, but it would do a disservice to both activities to try to combine the two.  

Yes! Links to a variety of books, articles and web resources are available via our Additional Readings page

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